SPLASH! Podcast

Country Cousins Calling

May 24, 2023 SPLASH! Media Season 3 Episode 10
SPLASH! Podcast
Country Cousins Calling
Show Notes

Grab your Akubra and get ready for a road trip to the NSW bush for the Country Pool Managers conference. The voices may be a little quieter and the accents a little broader but the challenges in managing the consumer, the facilities and the business are all too similar.   As is often the case the reserved but considered voice of those in the country sounds a warning that should be heeded by those on the coast and the in the cities.  What affects them now may affect us in the years ahead.
Our interviews today really are an apt culmination to the discussion we have been deliberating on trying to  determining if experience trumps a qualification.

I encourage you to lean in, listen and connect with our cousins calling from the country.

Ready. Set. SPLASH!
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