SPLASH! Podcast

Pick a Side and Let's Fight.

March 29, 2023 SPLASH! Media Season 3 Episode 6
SPLASH! Podcast
Pick a Side and Let's Fight.
Show Notes

 You can't promote the award winning product/person/process/project that you don't win.  You don't win the award that you don't enter.    Today we provide you with skills and information to prevent you experiencing the imminent feeling of RHOMO that awaits all those who fail to enter the Awards of Excellence . The April 11 2023 deadline looms.  RHOMO is far more painful and dangerous than FOMO and has far longer lasting consequences.  Don't get caught out.

In the first of more debates to come, David starts a fight between those in our industry who believe experience is more valuable than a qualification.  It's an important question that will impact our future and our recognition with governments, attracting talent and being relevant to the consumer at large.    Pick a side and let's fight. 

Ready. Set. SPLASH!
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